Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mayoral Academy Quasi Game Theory Analysis

You've got three actors who can exert control over the school board of a two-district mayoral academy. The RIMA board and two mayors. Here's how it plays out:

  • As long as both mayors cooperate in the process, RIMA has all the power, they pick the school board. Both mayors have to cooperate to make sure their interests are represented, and they get their share of the credit.
  • If one mayor "defects," and refuses to actively support or participate in the school board, all the power shifts from RIMA to the cooperating mayor.
  • The cooperating mayor may choose to continue to grant his power to RIMA, or he may impose his or her own terms as a condition of continuing to cooperate (e.g., a friendly board majority, new CMO, etc.).
  • If RIMA does not meet the cooperating mayor's demands, he or she can defect and cause the school to be closed.

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