Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Can't Wait...

Jill Davidson:

So I don't want to do PPSD communications work, and I am fairly sure that the people who are paid to do that work don't want me to do so either. Put more broadly, I don't feel like being Suzy Sunshine for parents looking to know more about PPSD. I used to dig doing that. Now, not so much. The reasons for that are a whole other blog topic, too. What I know now is that these insights punch a big hole in the current purpose of this blog.

So for now, that's it. I will be publishing actual content on Thursday and Friday. In the meantime - or anytime -if any readers are interested in sharing ideas about what this blog could or should be, I am all ears.


Jill Davidson said...

Let me check for understanding (once a teacher...). You're saying that I should say it like it is, whatever the it may be. If so, I agree. In part, I haven't fully gone there previously for fear of bumming myself (and others) out. But the cognitive dissonance of trying to be cheerful in the face of so much that is depressing and alarming has made it hard to write anything lately. Not that it's all doom and gloom; there's much that's good and great our city and area schools (perhaps not so much about those schools' systems. As a habitue of the sunny side, I'm motivated to know more about what's working well among adults and young people in our school buildings (and most definitely beyond). Thanks for your encouragement, Tom.

Tom Hoffman said...

Yes, we're swimming in cognitive dissonance right now.