Monday, June 04, 2012

At Least Woonsocket and Pawtucket are Sticking Up For Themselves

Bruce Baker:

What concerns me more is when local representatives of children attending these districts, including the superintendents of many of these school districts simply don’t stand up for their own constituents. Somehow, the solution for Philadelphia public schools is to close more of them? To shift more control to additional private managers? But to ignore entirely that Pennsylvania continues to maintain one of the least equitable state school finance systems in the country? The same applies to Chicago? Do we hear the City of Chicago’s leaders condemning the fact that Illinois also maintains one of the nation’s least fair funding systems? One of the nation’s most racially disparate state school finance systems?

To be honest, I think the most rational thing for Providence to do would be to stage an administrative strike. If RIDE and the feds think they know how to run the district they should have to do it, entirely. Otherwise, leave us alone.