Friday, June 01, 2012

Hard to Tell How Much Events are Coordinated These Days

James Ryan:

But another part of his plan that potentially veers far from the usual conservative talking points received almost no attention: Mr. Romney would give poor students and those with disabilities the right to attend any public or charter school in their state.

In the age of ALEC, 50CAN, etc., you have to wonder if the recent, short-lived proposal to open up the Barrington School District to outside applicants has anything to do with this. If I knew anything about the Barrington School Board, it might be an easily discounted idea, but I don't.

For that matter, I still don't have the slightest idea what is or was up with the whole mixed public/private charter school proposal Meeting Street made. Was that some kind of national break-the-mold statement or just an oversight? What is the status of that proposal anyhow? Unless the Regents approved it without telling me, I guess it is probably not on schedule to open this fall. Or something. Did it just go away?

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