Friday, May 11, 2012

While the Particulars are Idiotic, I'm Glad We're Having the Conversation

Elisabeth Harrison:

The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says Barrington may risk discriminating against special education students with a program that would admit a limited number of students from outside the highly ranked district.

Barrington has announced plans open 10 seats to out-of-district students in a competitive application process. Families would pay tuition of $12,800 for students who gain admission to the Barrington schools.

In describing the pilot program, Barrington school officials told RIPR that students needing special services would not be eligible because of the extra cost associated with their education.

The ACLU has sent a letter to Barrington School officials warning that this could violate numerous laws designed to protect students with disabilities.

It would be nice if the reform community at least showed some consistency and started advocating for cross-district enrollment by lottery when spaces are available.

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