Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I Hate Your For Your Philanthropy, and I Will Forever. As Will My Children.


Nobody but perhaps a handful of us really want Gates and Broad and all the rest to fail, give up, and go off and do something else with their loot. Which is what they'll eventually do if they make lots of bad decisions and decide they are going to end up lumped in with Annenberg and so many previous efforts. A better feedback loop would help prevent this.

I absolutely do want them to go off and do something else with their loot. And if they do so they won't be lumped in with Annenberg, which was perhaps ineffective but at least benign. This will stop when hundreds of thousands or millions of people around the country start to actively resent them, personally, for the destructive impact of their "philanthropy."

I think they should all go into transportation policy and fund bike trails. That would be awesome! Or, you know, just having libraries is nice.


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Not only do I want them and all the other plutocrats to go away, but I want to tax (and I mean TAX!) their loot and make collective decisions as communities on how to use that money to implement real reforms like Free Voluntary Reading, Ethnic Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Dual Language Immersion, wrap-around social services, etc.

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, more libraries, with librarians serving as union building representatives. Finally, ed reform I can endorse!

Leroy's Mom said...

Not transportation and bike trails, that's my husband's business, and their on the up slope of moving transport thinking away from stupid metrics like "an efficient rode is one that serves the most cars at the highest possible speed". I can just imagine what the Gates folks would do there.