Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Don't Know How Much Time is Spent on Reading Strategies, But I Do Know Punching Hippies is Fun!

Dan Willingham:

How much time is devoted to reading comprehension strategy instruction? I can’t find good (or poor) data on this question, and I doubt it exists. There is so much variation among districts (and probably even classrooms) on this issue, it’s hard to draw a conclusion with much confidence. Any time I talk about reading, a lot of teachers, coaches, and administrators tell me that enormous amounts of time go to reading comprehension strategy instruction in their district—but I’m sure the people who make sure to mention this to me are not a random sample.


Unknown said...

"...Everyone agrees that one of our long-term goals in reading instruction is to get kids to love reading...." Everyone? Oh, sweet buddha, if only it were so.

Still reading (you) after all these years.

Tom Hoffman said...

Speaking of hippies...