Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Over/Under is 5 Points in Reading, 10 in Math


At a surprise news conference this morning (May 7, 2012) at the Pleasant View Elementary School, in Providence, Governor Lincoln D. Chafee and Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist announced that the school is the recipient of the first Rhode Island Innovation Powered by Technology Model School Grant.

The $470,000 grant will finance a plan that educators at the Pleasant View Elementary School developed to redesign the school and transform its instructional practices through the use of technology.

It is certainly worth mentioning, although apparently not to RIDE, that Pleasant View was also in the latest batch of "persistently low-achieving" schools. It is a little puzzling to have Commissioner Gist praise the school's "forward looking leadership" considering RIDE's view of its overall performance.

Having had a similar lump of money ($300,000 for hardware, plus me and a part-time tech on site for a couple years) for technology at the beginning of a turnaround in 2000, I can tell you it is nice but it doesn't go as far as you might think, especially if there is $0 a year budgeted for long-term support.

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