Friday, August 03, 2012

Fair Game

Accountable Talk:

But recently I heard a case of perverted behavior with a child that can not be ignored in a discussion such as this. This kind of sick behavior must be punished, and I am sure Ms. Brown and Ms. Rhee would agree.

The case involves a teacher who allegedly groped a 16 year old girl. The police recorded a phone call from this teacher apologizing to the girl for what happened. The case was investigated by the police, who declined to prosecute. In the end, the teacher reportedly paid a settlement to the girl to end the matter. As bad as this case was, yet another accusation surfaced against this teacher. A student again complained of inappropriate behavior by this teacher, although she later recanted. Nevertheless, in light of the first settlement paid, coupled with a subsequent allegation of similar misconduct, we should in this case agree with Michelle Rhee and Campbell Brown that this teacher needs to lose his job and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near young girls.

Oh, wait. My bad. It wasn't a teacher against whom these allegations were leveled. It was a politician, namely Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento.

The husband of Michelle Rhee.

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Leroy's Mom said...

You can only imagine how this recent push for getting child molesters out of the classroom has been greeted here in SacTown.

It started with a legislative effort here in California, and I'm sure Campbell Brown's ill-executed efforts will not be the last. Note that Rhee and Students First are using surrogates and not leading the charge, cause they KNOW they would be made to look like fools between the KJ groping, and Rhee mouth taping.