Thursday, August 30, 2012

The State Has a Plan for My Children

Jill, commenting:

I am guessing that you're not finding out what's happening at school. Assuming that you're not happy with the ???, what would you prefer?

Actually, I'm enjoying the fact that what Vivian does for six hours a day is somebody else's problem. To be honest we've got a lot of margin for error with Vivian academically (she spent her last few afternoons curled up with The Little House in the Big Woods, so reading is pretty much squared away and she's itching to do some "math on paper," of which I'm sure there will be no lack), Reservoir is a solid school, so I'm just not going to worry too much about it until I have a reason to (aside from cross-examining Vivian daily).

Generally though, I'm just kind of agog at the scope of this operation from the parents side. It is so far and away the most extensive direct personal interaction I'll have with the government, just in the first month. I'm still wrapping my head around it. We can walk to school but did you know that if you want to send your child to a school outside walking distance the city sends a bus to pick up your kid and take them there? For free? Every day? They're like Enterprise!

And while of course I will be a very involved parent, even if I wasn't, if I was completely indifferent or just incapable, they'd still take my child and try to educate them just the same. They've got a whole thirteen year plan for this stuff. It is crazy.

No wonder conservatives hate public education.

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