Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Today's Doyle Moment

Brought to you by Kiersten Marek:

Have a Melancholy Lughnasadh

A gentle, wistful melancholy, that is. Lughnasadh marks a cross-quarter day on the Celtic calendar. The beginning of harvest and the month when the light begins to turn more golden and the sun moves lower in the sky.

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doyle said...

Thank you for this--I was away this week, playing "educator" at Discovery Education in Maryland. I missed my tides more than I had in the past.

I suppose as my time gets more dear, or rather my awareness of my mortality becomes more acute, I will become less and less tolerant of cement and glass and apps. Oh, I enjoy the trappings of civilization, enjoy them very much.

But I enjoy the mudflats more. And the news from the front, my friend, is not good, not good.

Did get a chance to chat (with 50 others) with Steve Robinson, Domestic Policy guy leading STEM initiative for Mr. Obama. I may be over-reading this, but I thought I detected a glint of understanding with our frustration with Duncan.