Monday, October 15, 2012

You Can Always Move to the Suburbs

The lamest thing about Mike Petrilli's public soul searching about moving from the inner-ish ring suburbs to the outer-ish ring suburbs when his kids approached school-going age is that, while for private schools or charters you probably need to make that decision before you start kindergarten, if your option is moving to the suburbs, you can do that any time, and they have to take your children. No lottery or anything!

If you are too much of a pussy to even try starting your kid in kindergarten and seeing how it goes, you were never really serious. Especially since in 2012, if anything the urban kindergarten might be even more academically focused than the suburban one. It isn't like your kid is going to fall fatally behind in kindergarten.


Jill Davidson said...

After reading the article, I agree re pussy.

caroline said...

I read his commentary three times and tried and tried to search for some response in my heart besides "what a ****ing racist." But there isn't one. -- Caroline Grannan, parent of graduates of diverse urban public schools, K-12.