Friday, February 08, 2013

2012 NECAP Quick Hits


  • ProJo's headline is correct: "RI test scores show scant improvement."
  • My headline number, PPSD 11th grade reading, is flat. Math is up a tick but that seems to be attributable mostly to Classical going up 14 points.
  • Central Falls high school has made up half of their losses in reading since their turnaround was announced in 2009, going up six points to 47% proficiency. Unfortunately this is accompanied by a conspicuous increase in "NT Other" students, meaning students who did not take the test for an approved reason: 23 out of 211 = 11% (it was 6% last year). For comparison, PPSD had 3% "NT Other." Of these, 56% were current LEP students, which otherwise passed the NECAP reading at at CFSHS rate of 3%, so you might want to take that increase with a grain of salt.
  • BVP continues to get good scores. The weird level of turnover at the middle school seems to have died down, or at least become invisible. As I've said all along, the question with the school is not so much "will they get good test scores," but what kind of school they'll evolve into. Again, it is unfortunate that RIMA has abandoned the urban/suburban mix that has apparently worked for BVP and do not want to apply it it Providence. Too bad they won't stand up for what they've found is best for kids.
  • In Providence elementary schools, (our) Reservoir took a hit in the younger grades but the older grades are still very strong, and the 5th grade writing scores -- which count for nothing -- are above the state average. Gregorian had a good year in reading, up 14%, which is good because we at least need our elite elementary school to look elite. Feinstein Broad Street continued to slide, unfortunately.
  • Schools that were heavily affected last year by PPSD closures, Asa Messer and MLK Elementary did not bounce back significantly.
  • The only SIG turnaround that seems to be getting any traction as reflected in the NECAP scores is Feinstein Sackett St., up 8% in reading and 2% in math. If that's the best, that's not good.
  • The PPSD "district charters" all had very good years. The independent charters generally treaded water or fell back a bit after all jumping in response to Deb Gist putting a cattle prod up their butt a few years ago.

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