Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on David Welsh

I should post an update on my friend David Welsh, who was in a severe car to pedestrian accident a little over three weeks ago.

David is, miraculously, alive and out of intensive care, and will not require any surgeries. He's now beginning what will be a long and difficult process of therapy and recovery.

To quote the latest update from his family:

Each day, David becomes more aware of what happened to him and the injuries he's suffered; he realizes and talks about how he needs time to get mentally and physically strong. He's settling into his routine and is committed to his program for recovery (though he has many opinions about how things would be different if he were running the facility, the staff, the unit, the kitchen, etc.!)

So, David is traveling purposefully down his road. He will not be able to have visitors for the foreseeable future but he is very aware of the continuing love and support from all of you guys. We read your emails to him and talk about things you've said.

A week or so ago, not too long after David regained consciousness, we were telling him about how many of his friends and colleagues were sending messages of concern and encouragement. He said, "Those are good messages. I would send the same to them, that I love them."

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