Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is the World Ready to REALLY Study the Common Core Standards?

Long-time readers may recall that what really got me upset about the Common Core standards was reading the CCSSI's own published benchmarking material for their initial draft of their College and Career Readiness Standards. Like most people, I didn't fully appreciate how idiosyncratic these standards are internationally, because who sits around reading the standards of other countries? Also, like most people, I don't think it is particularly important how our standards compare to those of other countries'.

But you know who does think it is important, ostensibly? Achieve, CCSSI, the federal Department of Education, and the whole contemporary reform movement. The differences between the CC ELA and the standards of high performing countries should be a problem for CC advocates. It should at least have been something they have to talk about and defend. Instead, this has turned out to be too deep in the weeds for essentially everyone, other than me.

The question is, are enough people now obsessing about CC to dive into this crap? I don't know. I did spend some time diving back into The Wayback Machine to pull out all the state and international benchmark references for reading standard one CCSSI helpfully provided in the first draft of the CCRS standards and copy/pasting it with minimal reformatting into a Google Doc. It runs seven pages, and actually only covers half of the current reading standard 1.

If other people were clearly interested in this kind of thing, I could be talked into continuing. Coming up with a legible formatting scheme would be important to distribution beyond extreme obsessives. Let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

Do it.

Your writing on this is some of the best around.

The research and background you describe would be incredibly important, and I don't think there are many people who understand the topic well enough to get this research done.

Once it's in place, people will be able to understand, but until then, not so much.

I'd be glad to pitch in if that would be useful.



Tom Hoffman said...

It isn't even researching! It is just copy/pasting CCSSI's own research. So I really only need help

a) copy/pasting;
b) looking up the things missing from the archive;
c) the hard part -- which you might be able to think about, Bill -- how to present it semi-understandibly.

Unknown said...

Tom -- if it's really copy/pasting, is it scriptable? I have some experience writing screen scrapers -- if you have a simple set of steps you're taking, I'd be happy to take a stab at automating them.

Tom Hoffman said...

It is PDF's of many lands and formats, unfortunately. But mostly copy/paste works, at least.

Unknown said...

This page also has links to standards from all states:

I'll definitely think about ways to make this comprehensible.