Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Providence's Charter Sector: Still Idiosyncratic!

Linda Borg:

In other business, the board gave preliminary approval to three charter schools: the engineering early college academy, a Providence high school; the Southside Elementary Charter School in Providence, and the Hope Academy, a mayoral academy that would draw students from Providence and North Providence.

Two of those are essentially expansions of successful, well-regarded private schools into charter components.

Apparently the Hope Academy one is what was originally called the Grace School Mayoral Academy, which I commented on when it first came up. I don't know how much in the proposal has changed since the last time, other than the name change, because I haven't seen it on RIDE's website. It is likely to be a weird arrangement financially, but without knowing what proposal the board was voting on, I'll keep my mouth shut.

It will be the second Providence-dominated mayoral academy, which means that either the next mayor of Providence will appoint the PPSD board AND chair the boards of two completely separate mayoral academy organizations, or some suburban mayors are going to chair the boards of academies attended by only a handful of students from their town. This is an obviously idiotic situation.

Southside Elementary is essentially the new charter wing of Community Prep, which, as I've said before, is fine aside from the fact that elementary schools are what Providence needs least and everyone knows it, but even though CP has a long track record of success with middle school aged students they decided to make a K-5 school. Thanks guys!

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garrett said...

Hope Academy! This is my hope:

I tried reading your "Catatonic History" link on the right hand side, and had no luck. I figured that since there is a commenter on one of the several political blogs I visit, who goes by the name of "Cato", and who is humorously insightful, I should be interested. Nope. I figured that since my college days' street address was "Cato St," just up the block from your old haunt, I should be rapt with attention. Nope. The only thing I got out of it was the art by Banksy.

Here is my hope. Since I am frustratingly unemployed, I should stop wasting time by reading this Tuttle website among other "critical thinking" websites instead of continuing my diligent search for the next online job application which dead-ends (all i need is a crack in one, just one dead-end), and put my efforts into petitioning for the Knighthood the Englishman Banksy. Perhaps, we, we're in this together, could arrange for him to be the Commissioner of the Arts worldwide! One can hope, or does one have to go to an Academy for that?