Wednesday, July 02, 2014

billg is Tired of Being Your Punching Bag

Bill Gates:

...the one thing we have a lot of in the United States is unmotivated students.

He is so over it.


Leroy's Mom said...

Sad when ed reformers lose their motivation, dontcha think? Hey didn't that happen with less fan-fare about 5-10 years ago with small schools? Well, he never seems to tire of malaria.

pd said...

LOL! It could not get any more clear.

garrett said...

Did you watch the Macy's TV July 4th celebration? Either on NBC or PBS, either one, same crap. Miley Cyrus doing crotch caresses in glitter flagwear, to Catz Haz Cheezeburger video projections, two lovely ladies wearing a stupid Mt Rushmore sculpture, Lincoln in bigger than life bobblehead. The song was typical Katy Perry-esque cheerleader chant about loving the USA. I looked to the person I was with, and said This is the founding father freedom documents of current and future. Educators can't compete with the new/old media.