Monday, November 12, 2007

Give One Get One Easy Enough

Vivian slept in a little today, so I didn't wake up and order order my XO's until 6:30 AM (the sale was supposed to start at 6:00 AM). The Give 1 Get 1 site was entirely painless to use. I grabbed my laptop off the night stand, refreshed the page, and since they've only got one product and are using PayPal, it only took a few clicks to complete the order.

My prediction for G1G1 sales... 125,000 (that is, 125,000 sales w/ 125,000 going to the developing world).

1 comment:

Gnuosphere said...

125,000 eh?

Normally, I'd say that is a pretty low guesstimate. But since many will now pull out due to the offensive nature of the warranty you might be about right. Otherwise, I would have predicted over a million easily.