Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It was November and It Would Not Get Better Than This

Mark Bernstein on the Patriots:

Watch them now. It's like a flower; tomorrow they'll be gone. But right now, they're historic: you can tell your grandchildren that you saw them.

This theme is also explored on "Cowboys" on DiskothiQ's epochal Football Albums. From the online notes:

My tenuous explanation for its inclusion is that it’s Troy Aikman imploring Michael Irvin to get his shit together, because, after all, when you look at things on a cosmological scale, it’s completely miraculous that any two people could have the opportunity to do anything together, let alone something at which they both excel and do better together than apart.

The difference here is that Randy Moss seems to appreciate how rare and brief and precious the moment is, and he's making the most of it. Interestingly, this is presaged by "Vikings" on the same album:

Imagine Randy Moss in his first week at camp, writing letters home before turning in early, playing his heart out during the day and sleeping like a babe all night, all earnestness, humility and wholesome courage. Randy Moss as directed by Frank Capra. Randy Moss drinking tall, cold glasses of milk. Why is this cynical?

While we're on the subject I'll note that "Chiefs" is one of my all time favorite songs, period. Seriously. Also, while both albums are available online for free from the band, they've "got a lot of fucking Football Albums, you guys, so come on: give it up."

In other mediated football news, Jennifer and I are enjoying working our way through season one of Friday Night Lights on DVD, and I just read the book, the whole time thinking, if I was going to start writing a bunch of crap about "participatory culture" and schools, wouldn't I have to address this stuff? Sports? Cheerleading? Band? I mean the things themselves, not their media representations. They're not really peripheral, and they're certainly participatory.

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