Friday, November 30, 2007

Intentionally "Misaddressed" Fundraising Email?

Well, it got my attention, anyhow:

Tim, I made a few small changes to your email draft -- you'll see them below. Would have sent to the entire list myself, but I could only figure out how to send this test. I know you're concerned about sending another fundraising email, but we're only $40,000 short of hitting our November goal, and that money will help keep us on the air and talking about ending the war in Iraq and the Constitution. And honestly, our supporters online are so terrific and have come through for us every time. Plus, with votes on the war and retroactive immunity coming up, our leadership will help keep the pressure on other presidentials to keep their word. Ask people to give at this link so we can track the goal publicly. Thanks, Sheryl Cohen Campaign Manager, Chris Dodd for President

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