Monday, December 03, 2007

Defining Citizenship

I've probably said this before, but "literacy" + "safety " + "etiquette" + "learning strategies" + "networking" does not equal "citizenship." It may equal something, but "citizenship" isn't a good word for it.


Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

I do equate those things to citizenship. How to live life effectively, safely, privately, and intelligently in a digital world.

We teach students citizenship classes now about how to get along with others in a F2F world. It is what we call it in schools so most educators know what that is.

However, if you have another suggestion, I'm all ears. What would you call it?

Don't you agree, however, that despite what we call it, that these things should be taught to todays youth?

Unknown said...

what's missing there is "just plain caring." In conversations about civic engagement, the word "caring" usually fails to make an appearance.