Monday, December 08, 2008

Designing "Walking in Stations"

I usually make fun of people who have nothing better to do than watch tiny, tiny conference presentations on their computers, but I must admit I have been enjoying the highlights from the EVE Online Fanfest, since there is a fair amount of info not available elsewhere. Of course, if you play EVE, you probably already know this, and if you don't, why would you conceivably care?

Well, perhaps if you are interested in designing (and developing) virtual worlds, and particularly social spaces, or women in the games industry, you might like this talk about designing the upcoming "walking in stations" part of EVE, wherein we will actually get out of our spaceships and walk around.

I'm blogging this in lieu of simply emailing Sylvia, because there is a small chance Vicki Davis will enjoy this.

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Sylvia said...

You made me spit my coffee out!