Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Lord I Need to See This

My copy of The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States finally arrived:

No discussion of the Ferrer movement would be complete without taking The Modern School magazine into account. Growing out of the News Letter was one of the so-called "little magazines" which proliferated during the early decades of the century, mounting an attack upon the "genteel tradition" in the arts. Lovingly edited and printed, it became one of the most beautiful cultural journals ever published in America, rich alike in content and design. Luanched in 1912, it continued until 1922, surveying a whole range of literary, artistic, and educational ferment of the period. According to Manual Komroff, it "cut new furrows in a parched land." (...)

"I have tried to make it a beautiful thing," wrote (editor Carl) Zigrosser to a friend, "a medium of expression for creative thinkers and artists. It deals with radical ideas in education, and by education I mean every activity that broadens and enhances life." (170-172)

Had I been in an MRI machine while reading that, my entire skull would have glowed bright orange on the monitor.

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