Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year In Review

Let's see...

  1. We elected a black progressive/pragmatic Democratic President.
  2. The global economic system to began to collapse.

These are really the top two ed-tech stories as well. I still don't think front-line ed-tech folks understand how much things are going to change for the better with an Obama administration (I figure the big money players do).

For example, I'd predict that the number of teachers with either a school-provided laptop or working desktop will go way up in the next four years, to near 100%. Is this sexy? No. Is it a prerequisite for just about anything interesting happening, whether with Web 2.0 awesomeness or standardized test-score analysis? Yes.

Also, you'll be getting more bandwidth at school! Yawn, right? Oh, but you'd like to have kids using web video? You're gonna need that bandwidth.

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