Monday, February 09, 2009

Deadwood Superlatives


I revisit David Milch's interview at MIT on a yearly basis1. Milch created Deadwood, the notoriously profane Western, and John From Cincinnati, which none of us really got, right?

I'm not sure which of my regulars might be into this. Dina, maybe, who oughtta dig his condemnation of "the shaping of human experience in distorted forms."2 Tom, maybe, who has seen Deadwood, at least.

Well, I consider the first season of Deadwood to be the best single season of any television show ever, Al Swearingen to be my favorite character in all of literature, and the cancellation of season four to be the beginning of the end of the golden age of television (we're pretty much at the end of the end now). And the documentary on, iirc, the season two DVD's on Milch's creative process is my favorite DVD bonus feature evar, for what that's worth. And I think I have mild PTSD from the mid-season three fight between Dan Dority and Turner.

So yes, I will check out the interview.

I did not, however, get John from Cinncinnati.

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