Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Public Comments

Jennifer, Ben Gormley and a group of about seven students and their parents went to Monday's school board meeting to express their concern in the public comment period about the implications for FHS of new graduation requirements, curriculum alignment, the status of site-based management, and other obfuscated rules changes in the pipeline. Based on recent performance, I don't expect the board or administration to respond in any meaningful way, and it looks like they're going to pass a sweeping set of changes with little public notice.

I can't really guess to what extent this is going to blow up in their face when they try to implement it, in part because there is so much obfuscation, stalling, intimidation and outright deception going on, it simply isn't clear what they're really going to do. What is probably going to happen is a bunch of restrictive rules and policies are going to be very selectively enforced based on the influence of various parent constituencies. I don't know how long they'll be able to keep that up.

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