Thursday, April 09, 2009

Capital W, Capital S?

The SIF Zone:

We held a Tech Board meeting, where we discussed 2.4, SIF Zone Services, and a few other issues. We prioritized, once again, the list of projects we are working on for the "Columbus" project and came up with a very good shortlist of critical projects. We made a lot of progress on brainstorming solutions for end of year. We also talked about the seperation of Infrastructure and data model, which will be a crucial component of Columbus. Finally, we talked about Web Services (yes, capital "W", capital "S"), and I think we have a great strategy for moving forward with our spec in the Web Services space. All in all, definitely a very profitable day from a spec development perspective.

The timing is about right considering the WS-* stack increasingly carries the stench of death. Of course, "web services" can mean a lot of things, so we'll see...

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