Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Title For A Talk I'd Like To Give Someday

"Open Source Venture Philanthropy: Community, not Keiretsu." That came to me while mulling over a proposal for Gov 2.0, but it is off-topic for me and the conference. It came to me even before I read this.

The starting point would be Dean Millot's series last year on "Deconstructing a 'Social Keiretsu' in Public Education Reform." Rereading that post it is a little scary how much things seem to have accelerated since then. He doesn't mention Broad, which a year later seems to have taken control of the marionette strings.

Dean's absence from blogging has left a hole in the discourse -- I hope he's ok and will make it back soon. We can't keep losing as many experienced and authoritative voices as we gain.

Whether or not anyone else would want to hear me give this talk, or give me a place to do it, is another question. In the meantime, blogging will continue.

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