Thursday, April 09, 2009

Visting W-Space

As you've no doubt heard by now, unstable wormholes have been popping up in systems all over New Eden. I spent some time Monday and Tuesday stealthily exploring for one behind the lines in Sev3rance space. We really ought to be able to figure out a way to use these hidey-holes in our regular hit and run raids.


Just before bed, I finally found one. My sensors indicated that it wouldn't stay open long, but I said "to heck with it" and jumped through to the weird triple star system beyond, took a picture, and shut down my ship's systems for the night.


Tonight I powered up my Cheetah and started looking for a way out. The wormhole I came in on had collapsed. I didn't pick up any other normal ships on scan, but I did almost die when my ship was uncloaked as I tried to sneak a peek at a "Sleeper" installation. One glancing shot knocked off my shields and a third of my armor, but I managed to warp off, which is a good thing because otherwise I would have been trapped indefinitely with no sensors to find my way out.

I then got lucky, and as the first anomaly I scanned down was another wormhole, through which I could see the green spacescape typical of Caldari space. I jumped thorough to a system in The Black Rise, from where I could begin a long journey back to my regular stomping grounds.


Next time, I'll have to bring a ship capable of tangling with the Sleepers and some friends.

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