Friday, April 17, 2009

My Mother-In-Law, With Pie

Sun Journal:

LEWISTON - Anne Geller was one of the first through the door at U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud's office Thursday morning toting a blueberry pie.

Geller's daughter, a freelance violinist in New York City, makes a good living but dropped health insurance when she couldn't afford it anymore. When the Farmington mother found out, she and her husband bought a policy to cover their daughter.

"It really hit home," Geller said. "If our daughter needed care, we would pay for it and it could wipe us out. She said, 'Oh, I feel so bad that you and Dad have to do this,' and I said, 'But we would take care of you no matter what.'"

She walked down Lisbon Street as part of the Service Employee International Union's Change That Works campaign. Its "Recipe for Recovery?" Better health care and more unions. That message was delivered with pie across Maine on Thursday.

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