Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Try To Get Out, But They Pull Me Back In

Jennifer and I need a new Mac every five years, so I was waiting for the new iMacs, and then thinking "If I could eliminate getting a new TV, I could justify a 27" model... but how can I connect my Wii?" And then:

In a clever touch, the 27-inch iMac has a new feature that dramatically increases its versatility. Via a series of adapters Apple says will be available shortly, users will be able to attach external display sources, such a DVD players or even other computers, to the iMac’s display. At that point, those sources will take over the iMac’s display, effectively turning it into an external monitor or an HDTV.

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TimGee3 said...

I'm just getting over the sticker shock from my last iMac purchase (don't get me wrong, this sucker is worth every penny), However, the 27" imac is looking pretty tempting and if I can attach a Wii?

"Hey kids! want a computer in your room? Daddy's gettin' a new MAC!"

The other thing I though was pretty nifty is the mini server! I can't afford this addiction.