Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Plan, Apparently

Amber Winkler:

... I just wanted to highlight an issue raised in the panel titled, “Current Efforts to Create National Standards.” Gene Wilhoit, executive director of CCSSO and Michael Cohen, President of Achieve, discussed the Common Core Standards in a panel moderated by Fordham President Chester Finn. Checker asked if they thought the assessments that will presumably be developed and eventually tied to the “college-and-career ready” standards would specify “cut scores.”  Wilhoit said yes; in fact, he thinks the whole endeavor will lose credibility if the assessment fails to do so. Then Cohen chimed in and said that there’s a possibility that states could set a “graduating bar” and a “college-ready bar” at least at the beginning. Both felt that if a state decided to grant a diploma to a student who had not met a certain standard, they ought to “note that.”

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