Wednesday, October 14, 2009

National Writing Project? Hello?

I don't see anything on the National Writing Project's website encouraging its members to comment on the proposed Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. Considering that the proposed standards are about as hostile to the Writing Project's agenda as they could possibly be without dropping writing from the curriculum altogether, this might be a problem for them.


Andrea Z said...

I think the reason was that they posted the info on their Ning, where it seems they are hoping to migrate more of the NWP's conversations. See

It was, in fact, from the Site Leader's Ning that I first learned about the Common Core initiative.
Thanks for blogging about this: it is such an important conversation that I don't think is getting enough attention.

Your last post inspired me to blog on the topic, too.

Kevin Hodgson said...

I agree with Andrea -- the info is over at a NWP Ning site.
But what is the hostility you are talking about?

Tom Hoffman said...


I would start with the grudging acceptance of the role of revision, the omission of pretty much the whole writing process, and the limitation of genre to argument or informative. And go from there...