Friday, May 28, 2010

Do You See This?

Threat Level:

A remote administration program installed on student laptops by a Pennsylvania school district and used by numerous companies to manage their computers is even more vulnerable than previously reported.

The LANrev program can be exploited from anywhere on the internet, not just from an attacker on the same local area network as a victim’s computer, according to researchers who say that a second key used by the system is just as insecure as one that was previously disclosed...

Researchers with Leviathan Security Group discovered the key and said it would allow someone on the same network as a LANrev computer to sniff the communication between the client and server. Then, masquerading as the server, the attacker could install malware on the target computer to control it — either steal data or use the webcam to snap surreptitious pictures of the student or other person using the computer.

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