Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Plausible Explanation

BMac22 in the ProJo cesspool:

This is just a last-ditch effort to get the NEARI on board for the Race to the Top proposal. Unions are against charter schools, so she is showing she's tough on charters to appease the union. If RI gets the grant then she'll recommend the full 5 years for Highlander next year. Jus a case of Highlander being in the wrong place at the wrong time - any charter up dor review right now woudl have been sacficed for the larger cause of winnning the grant.


Unknown said...

I wish I had confidence that securing Race funds would modify Gist's Highlander agenda. I believe that the extra cash and national platform will motivate her to push forward with greater resolve. The national backlash against low-performing charters and popularity of several charter management companies has brought RI to a place where a moderately performing and improving urban school - with a mission of supporting the most struggling students -- will become collateral damage.

Tom Hoffman said...

It is hardly flattering either way.