Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Does Deb Gist Have Against Elmwood?

Jeremy Chiappetta:

wow @deborahgist recommends 1yr prov renewal of highlander charter

CVS Highlander (a Big Picture K-8 charter) is doing fine, making AYP, and is a clear asset in a neighborhood which doesn't have many, and which includes the four "persistently lowest-performing schools" in Rhode Island which aren't in Central Falls. It is an asset to the neighborhood even though the people living here have no particular right to attend it in the lottery system. If we're still living in this house when my girls start school, it is where I hope they'll be lucky enough to attend.

I don't want it closed, and I don't want it turned into a test-prep factory.

Please, Ms. Gist, give this poor disorganized immigrant neighborhood a break and at least leave Highlander alone.

Note: Big Picture played a key role in the genesis of Highlander, but there is apparently no affiliation at this point.

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