Friday, May 28, 2010

It is Almost Like the Only Criterion is Whether the Administrator Likes You

You may recall that last year my wife was passed over as lead teacher of the three person History department at her school, despite being the only applicant initially and well-qualified for the job. The job was re-posted and given to another person in the department, who we have no beef with, who is less experienced and we now know was exempted from some of the application requirements.

As we would say in EVE, "I didn't want that job anyway," but here's the follow-up:

As the old school is closing, everyone is applying for new jobs, and the person who got the lead teacher job applied at the lower-performing high school down the street. Not only did she not get a job there, but apparently it was given to someone from outside the district, which was only supposed to happen for high-demand jobs (which high school history is not and probably will never be) for which there were no qualified district candidates.

Apparently under "criterion-based hiring" in Providence, you can go from administration-recruited teacher leader to unqualified to teach in one short year.

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