Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It Would Be Nice If People Would Stop Lying To My Face

Center for American Progress:

International Charter School is open to Rhode Island students statewide, but 85 percent of its students reside in Providence or Central Falls. Another smaller proportion comes from Pawtucket. School principal Julie Nora describes the demographics of her school compared to traditional public schools in the same area, saying, “We have a higher percentage of ELLs; a higher percentage of students living in poverty; and a higher percentage of Latinos.”

C'mon! I don't even know enough about this school to have an opinion on it, but I'm sick of being lied to with every utterance.

  • Hispanic/Latino - ICS: 49.5%, PVD: 59%
  • African American - ICS: 20.1%, PVD: 22%
  • White - ICS: 29.4%, PVD: 12%
  • Free/Reduced Lunch - ICS: 55%, PVD elem.: 88%
  • ELL: 56%, PVD: 13%
  • Special Education: ICS: 8%, PVD 19%

Like most charter schools in RI, this school is significantly more integrated than those in Providence and Central Falls. If accurately and clearly explained, their successes represent an argument for comprehensive integration. Or, you can do the opposite, like CAP.

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