Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Am I Not Surprised?


“Unfortunately, the Providence School District has told us … that it has no intention of making the schedule changes as directed by the Commissioner of Education,” Weizenbaum said. “Instead, they intend to appeal the commissioner’s decision, triggering a legal process that routinely takes months and months.”

In the meantime, students and teachers must deal with the shorter planning times, she said.

“While we intend to press vigorously for enforcement of the common planning time regulation, we urge the district to work with us to enforce the law so we can all move forward.”

Not like Gist doesn't have any tools in her shed (from August 2009):

WOONSOCKET — Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist has warned School Committee members that they could be sued and Supt. Robert J. Gerardi could have his superintendent’s certification questioned if the committee follows through on its threat to defy state rulings on hiring new staff for its literacy program.

In a letter she wrote “In my capacity as the chief law enforcement officer for public education in Rhode Island,” Gist offered to confer with the committee about meeting state education standards in the face of more than $3 million in state aid cuts. But she added she had a legal obligation to make sure the laws concerning education were enforced.

“I will not fail in this responsibility,” she said.

I'm waiting for Tom Brady to get a version of that letter... but not holding my breath.

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