Monday, September 27, 2010

Make Noise

I'm heartily in favor of the kind of online rabble-rousing Nancy Flanagan describes on her post about the NBC Teacher's Town Hall yesterday. It may feel like this accomplishes nothing, but it wasn't so long ago that Arne said this:

Mr. Duncan says he encounters no public opposition.

“Zero,” he said. “And as hard as we’re pushing everybody else to change, we’re pushing the department to change even more. There’s just an outpouring of support for the common-sense changes and the unprecedented investments we’re making.”

And a lot of media figures and politicians live even more in a bubble than Arne Duncan.

So while it may seem like a pathetic first step, just making some noise, clogging the chat room, etc. helps. It is perhaps the simplest and least effective form of protest in the long run, but it is something.

Mau-mauing works. Ask the NRA. Ask the Tea Party. Every time someone in the media thinks about cranking out another braindead ed reform story, they should mentally flinch in anticipation of the torrent of scorn and derision about to be dumped on their head.

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