Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Providence to the Great Wildlands


The time has come once again for change. In the pursuit of our cause we have brought about, witnessed, and endured many changes. Some have been trials, others blessings, and nearly all necessities.

Years ago the Ushra'Khan set foot in Providence with a simple mission; to oppose Amarrian expansion in the region. The winds have shifted over the years in favour of one side or another, at first the conflict was held in balance, but in time the slaver gained the upper hand. Throughout this time we were there, harrying Amarrian Providence while we sought to build our strength and gather allies. At last, early this year, the tide was turned and Amarrian Providence, the CVA's Operation Deliverance, was broken.

The change came swiftly and in truth presented a new and difficult challenge. For our part in the campaign and liberation, we found ourselves in uncharted political waters. Having torn down the Amarrian order, we were faced with a power vacuum. Together with Against All Authorities we began to establish a new Providence, a necessary task if the slaver were to be kept out.

For much of this year that task has consumed us. Pacts, deals and treaties to broker, entire star systems to govern and lines on a map, drawn and re-drawn. Nation building was not our original goal, but over the years Providence has changed and grown, so it became an inescapable necessity.

Nearly three months ago the Ushra'Khan was betrayed by one of its own and systematically dismantled from within. This event was to begin a vicious cycle that is still ongoing. The alliance quickly reformed under the new Damu'Khonde banner and set to work re-establishing itself. But there would be repercussions, of course. There is great stigma attached to such an incident among we Capsuleers, and few alliances have ever survived such a grievous blow. This sent ripples throughout the regions political structure and disrupted the fledging new order.

Almost three months on, and much has changed. The politics of the region have continued to evolve, and while the Damu'Khonde survived its traumatic birth, it has changed greatly for it. And the reasons for that stem from the history I spoke of before.

The Ushra'Khan entered Providence to combat slaver expansion. Earlier this year that goal was achieved. Today, Providence is under new rule, and a new order. Our work is all but done, yet here we remain. We have been coming to the conclusion that it is time for change yet again. We are releasing control of all our Providence holdings to neighbours, allies or other custodians. Our mission is not one of carving out empires, and with the events of recent months we think that the time has come to give Providence over to its new residents entirely. It is time, for us to leave.

We shall go to the Great Wildlands, we remain a predominantly Minmatar organisation and believe that it is time to once again be closer to our people. We shall continue our mission from there, or moving as our needs dictate to fight where our pilots see fit. Be it in the pursuit of old foes who have crossed our path, or into the heart of Amarr itself. We have debts to repay, and our cause beckons.

It is time, to wander free once again.

I'm still weighing my options.

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