Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Wish This Wasn't So Easy

Jeremy Chiapetta:

RT @BESbuzz Boston Prep's 10th grade scored 100% A/P on Math and 97% on Science - the best in the state - ALL KIDS CAN LEARN AT HIGH LEVELS!

On 2010 MCAS:

  • Number of eighth graders taking the MCAS: 71
  • Number of 10th graders taking the MCAS: 26


Chris Lehmann said...

They lost over 45 kids??? Over 60% of the class?

Seriously... how is anyone not questioning what happened to the other 45 kids?

(And sadly, Scott McCue was my student teacher long ago. Clearly, I did a bad job.)

Tom Hoffman said...

To be fair, it may just be that they designed the school to have a smaller high school. I don't really know, but it kind of renders the value of the raw stat meaningless.