Monday, October 11, 2010

Laser Cutting at AS220 Labs

I took the Intro to Laser Cutting class at AS220 Labs on Saturday, making the above doo-hickey as my first test project. To be honest, laser cutting seems pretty simple -- it is just like using a printer. Like everything else, it gets tricky if you want to model 3d shapes -- a dovetailed box, for example. But for making simple little tools, etc., it is pretty amazing. I'm feeling like it will be worth a $40 annual membership (and $10/hour on the cutter) just to make cool little toys for the girls.

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garrett said...

That's a wicked graphic, hope you can show off future projects, maybe even a difficult 3d attempt. I saw 'Owls of Ga'hoole' last week, pretty cool 3d constructed fable.