Friday, October 15, 2010

Somerby on the Manifesto

The Daily Howler:

That bafflegab from Rhee and Klein wasn’t a hurried, clumsy response to an unexpected question. This was the best the gods could do with a topic of their own selection, in a passage intended to show that they know how tough things can be in the schools.

If that's the best they've got at this point, they're running out of gas.


garrett said...

"a hurried, clumsy response to an unexpected [blog post]."

The Bridgewater College post was a great read. Wow, your uncle, a dean?! Upon completion, I surprised by the unexpected youth of your Uncle. Curious to know the college's locale, I searched mapquest. The area has several fond memories for myself. Namely it looks to be about 25 miles south of Winchester, site of an annual Ballet recital where my sisters performed outside on the steps of some grand old building structure. Our family would pile in the car and venture to this big city 20 miles SE of our speckly little WV town.
On the map, and more close by, I also noticed Staunton. It was about 1992 that I passed through Staunton, and at the time I was convinced it was the most quaint idyllic town I had ever seen. In order to pass through, we had taken a roundabout backroad way to get to Richmond VA. The map had revealed this Morgantown-Richmond route to be quite hilly, and not so surprisingly a route I had never been, plus a feeble attempt at impressing our guests from Seattle. The glitch in the matter was that after descending into Staunton, we noticed a disturbing sound from the brakes of the car. It eventually turned into a rotor problem; I had driven negligently and caused 100s of dollars damage to the car belonging to our friend Washburn. I can't help but think, did the Cubist Pop Manifesto suffer a schism as to why you weren't on that trip? Or was it just college kids being screwed up like college kids will forever be, and for what I'd like to believe, the better?

Anonymous said...

Are you criticizing Klein and Rhee, or the citic of Klein and Rhee? I just couldn't tell from the post.

Tom Hoffman said...


You'll have to use your best judgement on this one.

I did pull the Android tablet post because, as you pointed out, it was completely and irredeemably wrong.