Thursday, July 14, 2011

Philanthropic Oversight: the Tony Hawk Foundation

Philanthropic oversight is a tough problem. One can make a pretty good argument at this point that, in their own hyper version of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, federal education policy in the US is now shaped with easier philanthropic oversight as the end.

Sometimes it is easier, however. For example, if you are Tony Hawk, and your foundation has "a focus on the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities," you can just... go skate:

After I skated (the partly Hawk Foundation funded) Lewsiton skatepark this morning, I wondered to what extent his "secret skatepark tours" are also Foundation oversight. Does Tony pass on feedback to a Foundation staffer about what's good and bad about the park?

If I was Tony Hawk, I'd be griping about the poor flow between the capsule and the snake run, but maybe that's just me.

For the record, I think the Oxford Plains cloverleaf in South Paris is the best bowl in the area.

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