Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Bottles of Mead, Six Pounds of Epsom Salts, and a Box of Triscuits

As I get older, my shopping lists get ever more quixotic.


doyle said...

Let me know how the mead tastes. I read the reviews--sounds like the real McCoy.

I hope the Epsom salts are for external, not internal, use. =)

Tom Hoffman said...

I'll bring a bottle to DC. Do you want to try the dry or semi-sweet? I had the semi-sweet today, and it is pretty good.

I was going to use "Well, these epsom salts are for external use," in response to the check out girl's "How you doin'," but I chickened out. I picked up a few bruises bowl skating today and probably have to play four base ball games this weekend.

doyle said...

I make dry, but am curious about the semi-sweet. If you bring the former, you'll be subject to a long soliloquy comparing them.

I'll bring a couple of mine--(their only 12 oz bottles).