Thursday, October 06, 2011

David Hackett is the 99%

Skull Skates:

Pro skateboarder and O.G. Malibu local David Hackett hasbeen a pivotal part of the sixties through contemporary surf skate movement maintaining a somewhat calculated underground profile. Popping up at spots and throwing down with authority, throughout the last five decades, adding fuel to the ledgendary Hackett fire. ...

David recently had emergency colon cancer surgery, which saved his life and left him with $100,000.00 hospital bill due to lapsed insurance. Many have felt and appreciated Hackman’s numbered and notable contributions to skateboarding. Helping Hackett would be a great way to show we care and you can do just that by contributing donations of any amount directly to Hackett’s Paypal

You can also buy a LTD. Edition Hackett Loop of Death poster here

Stay tuned for a Skull Skates / Hackett LTD. edition benefit t-shirt, coming soon.


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