Friday, October 07, 2011

Note to RIDE


Mr Krieger,

I'd like to point out a misleading omission in today's press release regarding "Persistently Low Achieving" schools.  Your press release states:

"In January 2010, Rhode Island identified its first cohort, including Central Falls High School and four Providence schools (the B. Jae Clanton Complex, the Juanita Sanchez Complex, Lillian Feinstein Elementary School at Sackett Street, and the Roger Williams Middle School). All of the schools in the 2010 cohort are implementing plans for school transformation."

Of course, you have omitted Feinstein High School from that list, which is not implementing plans for transformation.  That school was closed, and virtually every student reassigned to PPSD schools with lower achievement as measured by both the 2009 and 2010 NECAP scores (looking at 2009-2010 teaching year data).

I do appreciate that in the future RIDE will try to incorporate up to date data in these decisions, but I am annoyed at the department's efforts to write its past mistakes out of existence.

Tom Hoffman

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