Friday, October 21, 2011

Dude, Were You Just at a Meeting?

So the Achievement First Teach-In last night, from 7 to 9, butted up against my regular Wednesday night 9-11 skate session at Skaters Edge. I figured I'd just haul ass up there after the meeting and burn off all the extraneous tension. About 4 guys in their 30's who I hadn't skated with before were sessioning the bowl. I started padding up and left my button-up shirt on because I had already put my helmet on.

One of the other skaters came up to me, gave me a funny look and said something like "Were you just at a meeting? About schools?" This turned out to be Jimi, the husband of Andrea, another panelist at the teach-in. Jimi had the same plan but snuck out of the meeting quicker than I could. Crazy things happen when you actually leave the house.

Jimi shot a rather mellow run by me on his iPhone:

Looks like we've got a pretty good Wednesday night crew coming together for the winter indoor skating season.

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