Monday, February 20, 2012

Left Alone, SIG Will Eventually Destroy the Providence Public School District


SIG is Race To The Top's lesser-known step-sibling (even though it's sent more money to a broader set of schools than Race ever will). It's NCLB's weak "restructuring" sanctions, pumped up steroids. It's an easy program to beat up on -- the massive spending, the permissive (or limited) turnaround options , the lack of speed and quality of implementation. I've never quite understood how it rose to such prominence and size in the Obama administration, or how Team Duncan and the White House anticipated that school closings and restaffings of SIG would be blamed on NCLB as much as the current Administration.

Blame it all on Barack Obama.


doyle said...

Your blog is causing chemical changes in my brain that might, wonder of wonders, cause behavior changes.

Not sure these changes will be conducive to my career, but I'll sleep better at night.

Tom Hoffman said...

If you manage to get me and my kin outside in nature more, it'll be a reasonable exchange.